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What’s wrong with my savings plan?

A surprising statistic about the decline in personal savings rate of consumers in America was shared recently in a report published by Nerd Wallet. The study shows a sharp decline in savings rates post the 2008 economic crisis. Through the … Continue reading

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Insurance vs. Savings Plans

Insurance vs. Savings Plans. Some good tips here!

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The Wisdom of Warren

As a veteran banking  professional and former senior executive leader at Wells Fargo Bank, I have been a student and follower of the teachings of Warren Buffett for many years.  Its no secret that Warren and his company Berkshire Hathaway … Continue reading

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Leadership inspiring Action

“If you don’t know why you do something, people won’t have anything to follow” A great video that breaks down leadership and the action it can inspire:   Vince Liuzzi

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To Plan for Challenges is To Plan for Success

Originally posted on The Educated Entrepreneur:
Deciding to take a plunge towards your dreams can be a scary and exciting event as an entrepreneur.  Of course with every great adventure comes unexpected obstacles and challenges.  That’s why preparing for success…

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Act your wage!

I love top 10 lists, and came across this the one the other day.  In this article written by Dave Ramsey from, you will find several simple reminders to think about when you are managing your finances. Spend less … Continue reading

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Too young to be thinking of retirement? Think again!

So often, consumers get focused on financial planning for retirement way too late. While it may seem years or even decades away, the truth is – you should start this process early in your income earning life stage. Start planning … Continue reading

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