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Early Mortgage Payoff?

DNB First shared a link to an article today about “why you should make an extra mortgage payment” and it made me wonder, how many people have been able to pay off their mortgage early?

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Get Ready for Tax Season!

If you haven’t done so already, taxes will be due before you know it! Here are some helpful resources to assist you in preparing: 1) Bonnie Lee of Fox Business outlines 5 tips for preparing for taxes this year. 2) … Continue reading

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Research Funded by the Alliance for Lupus Research

A complex autoimmune disease, lupus proves difficult not just to treat, but even to diagnose. The Alliance for Lupus Research (ALR) maintains a dedication to funding research efforts conducted by the brightest minds in science in the hope of a … Continue reading

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Thinking of a refinance – what’s holding you back?

Since 2012, many consumers across the United States took advantage of low rates and refinanced their high rate mortgages, lowering monthly payments and freeing up cash for other purposes. If you happen to be one of the approximately 20 million … Continue reading

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Celebrating President’s Day

Today we are celebrating President’s Day,  though it is known to be George Washington’s birthday, we can celebrate all our presidents and their guiding wisdom throughout the years. So, if you have the day off and are looking for something … Continue reading

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Campbell: Broth Sales Get A Boost From More Cooking

Seems like the cold weather makes a warm cup of soup more appetizing. Pass the Chicken Noodle!

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Every Life Has a Story

A few years ago, this YouTube video was shared with me for the very first time.  It had quite an impact on me back then, just as it does today. Take the time to watch this short 3 minute video … Continue reading

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The Salvation Army Responds to Rare Southern Winter Conditions

As the American South struggles with unusually cold weather, the Salvation Army has teamed with other organizations to deliver comfort to people in need. Many of the cities that have received snow this winter do not even have snowplows because … Continue reading

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Do it today….

And don’t be afraid to fail.

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Retire Early?

Although it may not always be a possibility for everyone, preparation is key. Remember, its’ never to early to plan for retirement. As this couple found out early retirement was achievable by making some quick drastic changes. In her article, … Continue reading

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