Giving thanks to the FRC

Nearly 20 years ago while living in Phoenix, I was introduced to the Franciscan Renewal Center (FRC):   Well known by the community simply as “The Casa”, FRC is a Catholic church and a spiritual, faith based center in Scottsdale, Arizona providing a broad range of programs and services ranging from counseling, retreats, workshops, classes, prayer and renewal.    The values are centered in the mission of the Order of Friars Minor, commonly called simply the “Franciscans”.  They seek to follow most directly the manner of life that Saint Francis led.

The mission of the Casa is, “To present programs that inspire Catholics and non-Catholics alike to keep focused on God as the center of all life. We desire to bring comfort to the sorrowing and discomfort to the too comfortable. Our message, like the message of St. Francis, is rooted in the Scriptures and intentionally provokes more questions than gives easy answers. Please join us and bring a friend.”

Some of my fondest and most meaningful moments happened at the Casa.  It is a leader in the community and truly a treasure in the Arizona desert.

Participate in a program or retreat today!

 – Vince Liuzzi

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