Who Made That Charge

The recent news reports of credit and debit card information breach at one of our country’s leading retailers in the middle of the holiday shopping season has caused millions of consumers to be very concerned about security and precautions retailers take to secure and safeguard personal financial information. The theft illustrates and exposes the critical need that responsible businesses must take to prevent situations like this one from occurring in the first place.

Protect your accounts. It’s important that customers proactively monitor their accounts to ensure all charges posted are legitimate and authorized. Most banks and credit card companies offer free, on-line services that allow you to review your accounts and see what charges and credits have posted to your accounts between statements or billing cycles. If you see a charge that was posted to our account that you did not make or authorize, notify your financial institution immediately! Your bank or credit card provider will investigate the charges and ensure you are not held responsible for charges you did not make.

If you have not taken advantage of your financial institution’s on-line platform, you should do so right away. Many community banks like DNB First (DNBF) offer free on-line banking and bill pay services that provide consumers with the opportunity to immediately access financial information connected to your debit and or credit card accounts. By reviewing online account activity regularly, you will have the opportunity to identify charges or transactions that you suspect may have been unauthorized. If you become aware of a transaction or charge that you did not make or authorize, contact your bank or credit card company immediately and have it investigated! Companies will remedy the situation for you consistent with law, government rules and regulations.

Vince Liuzzi
Executive Leader

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