Gratitude – the highest ROI management tool?

Recently, I read an article written by the CEO of Linkedin about a management tool that provides the highest return on investment, and is a proven driver of workplace productivity.

What was that tool you say? “GRATITUDE”. Yes, gratitude… How simple – authentic and genuine gratitude was named as the most effective management tool providing the most significant return.

I’ve always believed that happy, and engaged team members are more productive, provide better service and generate more revenue for the organization. It seems so natural that gratitude should be named as a motivator and driver of outstanding leadership in breakthrough performance.

So in this season of thanks and appreciation, it is very appropriate to leverage this great tool and give thanks for our many blessings at home, out in the community, and also to those we spend so much time with at work. When you see it, say it! Share your thanks and appreciation. The next time someone compliments you on a job well done, try grounding yourself from the feet up, look the person straight in the eye, and let them know how much it means to you.

That’s an outstanding return on an important investment.

– Vince Liuzzi, Executive Leader, Philadelphia PA

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