Mobile Banking – A Leader with Community Banks

Banks large and small are offering many new and innovative products and services to make banking easier. One of the new popular services available out in the market is mobile deposit. This service provides the functionality to make a deposit to your bank account using a smart phone. Recently, DNB First, a leader in the community, began offering this service to its customers. It supports the bank’s commitment to convenience, making banking easier, saving time.

Mobile Banking usage is expected to grow to 53 million active users in 2013, up from 10 million active users only 3 years ago. This growth provides thousands of banks and millions of customers to communicate and transact business in new and innovative ways. It’s important for financial institutions to adopt policies, practices and procedures to address changes in technology and the impact on customer service. To be a leader in the financial services industry, community banks must meet and exceed the expectations of customers focused on mobility.

– Vince Liuzzi, Executive Leader, Philadelphia PA

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