January – the month of financial triage

This was the headline on an article I read recently about holiday spending and the impact to an individual’s credit score.  The headline referenced the fact that consumers typically start the new year with a fresh view and perspective on their household finances after a period of heavy spending and debt creation – what about the previous 10 months of the year?  The fact is, we must be focused on developing healthy fiscal habits throughout the year; proactively creating overall better money habits – avoiding the need for financial trauma care.

A recent study by Fidelity of 2014 New Year Financial Resolutions, reports that 54% of Americans are considering making new financial resolutions this new year – up from 35% in 2009.  This increase reflects an accelerating, and continuing need for people to develop and maintain effective fiscal habits in a constantly changing, and at times uncertain environment.  Americans report a need to focus more on savings, debt reduction, expense reduction, and long term planning.

Your trusted banking professional or relationship manager can work with you to develop tactics and strategies that will help you not just succeed, but flourish financially in the new year.   When selecting a financial services partner, choose a firm and professional team that truly understands your individual needs and long term objectives.  Consider a full-service community bank like DNB First who offers a broad range of financial products and services, locally delivered through a neighborhood based, multi-channel distribution system.  A leader in the region, DNB First offers an authentically local relationship banking experience and has been banking customers in the community since 1860.

Start the year with a renewed commitment to developing more effective money habits.  Don’t wait until January to “triage” your finances.  An effective partnership with your community based financial services provider will help you improve your own personal money habits throughout the year.  Have a year-long focus on your finances – consult with your banker today to learn ways to improve your own personal fiscal fitness!

–          Vince Liuzzi, Executive Leader Greater Philadelphia community

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