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When Soaring College Costs Hit Home

“Poverty is hereditary – it comes from your children.”  Comedian Phyllis Diller may have been joking when she said that, but anyone who is raising a child today knows that there’s nothing inexpensive about having kids. In fact, according to … Continue reading

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The Lupus Foundation of America Supports Student Research

An experienced banking professional, Vince Liuzzi currently serves as an executive vice president and the chief banking officer at DNB First in Philadelphia. Outside of his professional pursuits, Vince Liuzzi supports the work of a number of charities and nonprofits, … Continue reading

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DNB First celebrates Earth Day – Make a GREEN statement

Business Celebrates EARTH Day! Tomorrow marks the 44th celebration of Earth Day – First celebrated in the United Sates in1970, Earth Day (April 22nd) marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. … Continue reading

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Employee Engagement 2.0 – A Holistic View of Engagement in Today’s Workplace Environment

Statistics show that 78% of business leaders rate employee retention and engagement as critical or important to the success of their business. Organizations are looking for new and different ways to understand and improve employee or team member engagement. Effective … Continue reading

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Early Mortgage Payoff?

DNB First shared a link to an article today about “why you should make an extra mortgage payment” and it made me wonder, how many people have been able to pay off their mortgage early?

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Thinking of a refinance – what’s holding you back?

Since 2012, many consumers across the United States took advantage of low rates and refinanced their high rate mortgages, lowering monthly payments and freeing up cash for other purposes. If you happen to be one of the approximately 20 million … Continue reading

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Retire Early?

Although it may not always be a possibility for everyone, preparation is key. Remember, its’ never to early to plan for retirement. As this couple found out early retirement was achievable by making some quick drastic changes. In her article, … Continue reading

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