Too young to be thinking of retirement? Think again!

So often, consumers get focused on financial planning for retirement way too late. While it may seem years or even decades away, the truth is – you should start this process early in your income earning life stage. Start planning for retirement when you begin your career; not when you look to end it.

One of the big questions facing consumers today is understanding how much they should be currently saving for a comfortable retirement. This is an important consideration regardless of your age. There are many tools and resources available for people to use to help answer this question. There are on-line calculators and financial models, and volumes of articles, publications and books written on this subject. There are seminars, webinars, social media and many other avenues for consumers to get smart about retirement planning. Plenty of resources, so why do we wait to begin planning and saving for this important life event?

The fact is, closer in age one gets to retirement, more focus and attention is paid to this topic. When in fact, people should begin saving for retirement when they BEGIN earning income. Even small amounts saved and invested over time can grow into quite meaningful and substantial funds to support you in retirement.

Sit down with your local banker to review your current accounts, financial products, and savings plan. See what adjustments to spending and budgeting you need to make to start or increase your savings for retirement. Community banks like DNB First, have financial experts in your local banking office to help. Your banker or planner will spend quality time with you understanding your goals, plans, and objectives for a comfortable retirement.

 Vince Liuzzi – Executive Leader

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