Research Funded by the Alliance for Lupus Research

A complex autoimmune disease, lupus proves difficult not just to treat, but even to diagnose. The Alliance for Lupus Research (ALR) maintains a dedication to funding research efforts conducted by the brightest minds in science in the hope of a better future. ALR focuses on a multi-pronged strategy that involves a better understanding of the disease and how it functions, rather than simply investing in better therapies.

Since its inception, ALR has allocated more than $72 million to research on lupus and potential treatment options for it. This funding has translated into more than 150 studies that have made several major breakthroughs. Studies funded by ALR have identified the genes responsible for the disease, produced new treatment drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and created important new technologies, such as ImmunoChip, that will fuel further research.

Individuals can learn more about lupus and the fight against the disease online at The website also outlines ways in which individuals can contribute to ALR’s efforts.

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