The Valley Community Clinic and the Valley Teen Clinic

A longtime executive in the banking industry, Vince Liuzzi is an executive vice president and the chief banking officer for DNB First, a Pennsylvania financial institution. Previously, Vince Liuzzi held executive positions at Wells Fargo & Company and Brokers Investment Corporation, both in Los Angeles. During this period, Vincent Liuzzi supported the Valley Community Clinic.

Located in North Hollywood, California, the Valley Community Clinic provides high-quality medical care to underserved communities. People in need can visit the clinic for a plethora of medical services. Its culturally sensitive professionals have cared for tens of thousands of people from a number of ethnic groups. Among the Valley Community Clinic’s many programs, the Valley Teen Clinic is one of the most popular.

The Valley Teen Clinic provides reproductive services and other types of health care to individuals between the ages of 12 and 19. Moreover, the clinic staff is comprised of teenagers, who can better connect with patients because they are contemporaries and more understanding of the situations other teenagers face. Along with general preventive and wellness services, the clinic offers free testing for sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy testing, and mental health counseling. To find out more about the Teen Clinic’s services and office hours, visit the clinic website at or In addition, the Valley Teen Clinic runs a toll-free help line five days a week. Dial 888-763-4070 to reach a representative during operating hours.

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