Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia Teach Reading Skills

A former Wells Fargo Bank district manager and regional president, Vincent Liuzzi currently serves as the executive vice president and chief banking officer of DNB First, a community bank in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. In addition to his professional duties, Vince Liuzzi supports a number of charitable organizations, among them the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia are committed to creating programs to enhance the lives of local youth. In 2013, the organization created a literacy initiative aimed at teaching children reading skills to help them succeed academically. The program utilizes a multisensory approach that encourages students to use all of their senses as they learn to recognize letters and words. In its first summer, the initiative devoted more than 1,200 hours of literacy instruction to 420 students; in the fall, local schools will integrate similar instruction into their after-school programs. Over time, the citywide literacy initiative hopes to reach more than 1,500 students annually.

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