Honoring the Craft of Giving

gift-556042_1280During this holiday season of giving, I’m reminded of a quote from former 1960s- 1970s tennis champion, Arthur Ashe. He said, “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”

What better time of year then to recognize and support the local organizations that selflessly give back to our communities through all seasons?

One such organization is Handi-Crafters, Inc. Founded in 1961, Handi-Crafters is one of Southeastern Pennsylvania’s largest providers of employment and support services programs for the disabled. Through partnerships with local employers, the organization provides job opportunities for the disabled in production, assembly, and packaging. By offering meaningful work, independent living, and retirement opportunities, Handi-Crafters empowers individuals with disabilities to reach their fullest potential. And those who have worked with Handi-Crafters know that the organization doesn’t just enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities, but also those who have the privilege of employing them.

Helping non-profits spread the wealth.

As a community bank, DNB First is committed to helping local organizations like Handi-Crafters continue to carry out their missions. Beyond providing financial and volunteer support to these organizations, the Bank also provides a crucial offering – helping these organizations manage their endowments.

Through DNB First Wealth Management, we are proud to help nearly a dozen non-profit organizations manage the funds they need to operate – for years to come. Experienced advisors work closely with these organizations to provide investment solutions that maximize funds, lessen risk, and reduce fees. Additionally, as a way of giving back to these organizations, the Bank offers generous discounts on investment fees.

Since 2006, DNB First has been proud to manage the endowment funds for Handi-Crafters. It’s just one small way we can help support their craft of making our communities stronger, and show that the best gifts in life come in different packages.

Learn more about Handi-crafters.org

Learn more about DNB Wealth Management



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