In the Business of Helping Local Businesses Prosper

Don’t let the phrase, “Taking care of business,” fool you. In many ways, businesses take care of our local communities. They help create jobs, stabilize local neighborhoods, and generally improve the quality of life for us all.

Because of the importance of businesses, DNB First has undertaken a number of initiatives designed to give companies – of all sizes – the solutions and service they need to grow. These initiatives include:

  • New Business Banking Services Division. Different sized businesses have different needs. To expand our capabilities in reaching smaller, locally owned businesses, DNB First has established the Business Banking Services (BBS) Division. 
  • New Small Business Relationship Manager. To assist smaller, “Main Street” businesses, we created a new position and now have a dedicated Small Business Relationship Manager.
  • Small Business Credit Solutions. Credit is essential in fueling the growth of all businesses. However, smaller businesses have unique challenges in obtaining the funds they need. DNB has created two new solutions to make it easier for business owners to obtain fast affordable financing – the Small Business Line of Credit and the Small Business Equipment Loan.
  • Payroll processing. To assist business owners with the time-consuming and arduous task of processing payroll, DNB First has partnered with JetPay Payroll Services to offer a range of payroll solutions.

And most recently, to expand our geographic reach and capabilities for larger, commercial business, we are pleased to welcome seasoned commercial banker, Nabila Sajid. As Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking, Nabila will be responsible for leading a team of lenders in providing commercial and industrial lending (C&I) lending solutions.

From these initiatives, one thing is very clear: When it comes to building companies, communities, and better lives for us all, DNB First means business.

Vince Liuzzi serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Banking Officer at DNB First.

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