Doing the Most Good feels good…

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to join my fellow board members of the Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland Advisory Board in West Cleveland as volunteer bell ringers supporting the Salvation Army’s Advisory Board Kettle Day fund raising effort.  It was inspiring to see so many philanthropic business and executive leaders rallying together as a team spending time supporting this important seasonal kindness program.  The generosity of the public response was truly overwhelming encountering real people who have been touched by the Salvation Army’s support of communities in need.

Board Members Robert Shenton and Vince Liuzzi
GCAS Advisory Board Kettle Day

Did you know… The Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland makes a positive impact in our community serving nearly 1 million hot meals to hundreds of thousands of hungry people, provides over 160,000 nights of shelter and emergency housing services to people without shelter in need of transitionary lodging. Thousands of children and families in need will receive Christmas gifts this year donated by generous people who donate to the many toy drives sponsored by good, charitable companies throughout our region.  Emergency shelters are open safely caring for and taking in the homeless.  Counseling and recovery centers provide much needed services and support for some of the most vulnerable people living in our community. Visit to learn more.

Ringing the bell in West Cleveland

So you see, everyone has an opportunity and a role to take responsibility in helping others.  Without question, I can tell you based on my experiences in business and in life, that “Doing the Most Good” actually feels the most good.  Sharing personal time, talents and treasures with people who truly need and deserve our help and support is the very best gift I could offer people who are less fortunate than me. 

Regardless of life’s struggles, sadness and extreme challenges, I am incredibly grounded and thankful to be helping others.  This holiday season, I ask you to join me in supporting the great works of the Salvation Army, or the charitable organization of your choice.  The community needs your support, and you too have much to share.  What a better way to celebrate the goodness of the season than to help others in need to feel the help and support of someone who really does care.

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