Essential Executive Leadership Skills – Recognizing Talent

The most effective executive leaders understand that future success depends on hiring the most talented individuals possible. Considering the impressive array of new technologies available to help companies as they expand, some leaders may begin to put less emphasis on recruiting top talent. This mindset, however, proves extremely limiting. When a mediocre employee interacts with advanced technology, the result is still mediocre work. In today’s competitive market, forgiveness margins for mediocrity have dwindled.
download (2)Simply hiring talented people is not enough. Often, individuals do not even recognize their own skills, and the best executive leaders can place employees in roles in which they will excel. Some people handle bigger-picture tasks with grace while others can more efficiently accomplish short-term goals. Leaders must understand how to recognize the individual talent of employees. They must connect these employees to roles that they will find fulfilling and that will further the company’s strategic plan.

Even beyond the skills of an individual, executive leadership has a responsibility to build cohesive teams. The members of the team must respect each other and work synergistically to create results that no one could have effected alone.

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Executive financial services leader with recognized cross-cultural team leadership skills. Sound business and financial manager with broad scope and enterprise wide impact. High-energy, results-oriented leader delivers mission critical results leveraging best in class talent committed to customer and community
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