All Business Growth is Local

helpwantedsignIt’s long been said that “all politics is local.” One needn’t look further than the current political signs placed on lawns and in the hands of supporters on busy street corners to see proof of that. But if you look closely at the signs that adorn Main Streets across America, you’ll see that it’s not just politics that’s local, but the growth of business. Or in particular, small business.

Anyone who knows business, however, knows the term “small” shouldn’t be used lightly. Small businesses are, and have always been, the engines that fuel the job market and the entire United States economy. These businesses make up 99.7% of employer firms and create 64% of net new private sector jobs according to the Small Business Administration (SBA).

 The power of the small business people.

With the impact of small businesses on our economy, business owners are in a position of power when it comes to their banking relationships. Small businesses are a critical market for financial institutions and should be treated as such. That means business owners should demand that their financial institution not only understand their financial needs, but also be able to help solve them.

For example, their financial partners should understand that without the resources and staffing of larger organizations, small business owners have to do much more with a lot less. Business owners should not only be able to bank and manage money conveniently, but also experience streamlined credit applications that make it easy for them to get the credit they need, when they need it.

As a bank dedicated to supporting local communities, DNB First has made a strategic effort to respond to the needs of local business owners. The Bank has partnered with the Small Business Administration (SBA), local Small Business Development Centers, and Chambers of Commerce to help support the gamut of businesses – through all stages of growth.

Understanding businesses also means leveraging technology and people to provide solutions to help fuel the growth of small businesses. This is why the Bank has heavily invested in services, such as remote deposit capture, lockbox, online and mobile banking with mobile deposit, and payroll services, which give businesses owners the freedom to bank and manage cash flow more efficiently and centrally. And with local people, the bank is able to supplement that technology with personal attention from people who understand the local marketplace. That’s why DNB First recently launched a Small Business Division with a dedicated Small Business Relationship Manager.

DNB First’s local presence also allows the Bank to quickly respond to the credit needs of business owners. With decision-making and underwriting conducted locally, the Bank is able to streamline the credit application and approval process and give business owners access to decision makers – something that’s often not possible with those too-big-to-fail banks.

With this local presence and technological strength, DNB First is truly able to bring banking right to the people, making the bank a very strong financial candidate for earning the business and trust of local business owners.

To learn more about DNB First, including special events and activities, such as Small Business Saturday on Saturday, November 28, visit

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